Pacific Coast Open

Goal: This program has been created to support polo between 12 and 16 goals, a currently under-supported level of polo in the United States. The goal of the program is to build a bridge from low-goal polo to high-goal polo that provides a safe environment for competition which will allow for the cultivation of sponsors and the advancement of aspiring professionals.

B2HG Benefits: USPA will provide three USPA Professional Umpires (two mounted officials and one third man) at 50% of the regular cost to the club.


  1. Criteria/Eligibility
    1. B2HG will be available to USPA Active or Affiliate Member Clubs hosting polo with a lower handicap limit of at least 12 goals and an upper handicap limit of no more than 16 goals.
    2. Up to $32,000 in B2HG support will be available to eligible clubs annually.
    3. Eligibility
      1. Tournaments are to be USPA Sanctioned, Circuit or National Tournaments
      2. Clubs may not apply for both the Tournament Support Program (TSP) and B2HG. Clubs may apply for Arena Incentive funds, Women’s Incentive funds, and Armed Forces Incentive funds, and still be eligible to receive B2HG.
    4. Application/Approval Process
      1. Clubs are to submit a tournament application through the Tournament Database at least two weeks in advance.
      2. Clubs are to complete the B2HG JotForm application two weeks in advance.
      3. Tournaments must have a minimum of four teams competing to be eligible; team rosters to be verified two weeks prior to securing B2HG benefits.
      4. Tournament play dates must be confirmed with USPA Tournament Coordinator Kaila Dowd at two weeks in advance of the tournament dates.
      5. Clubs that make changes to the dates after the above deadline may be charged additional umpire fees.
      6. Umpires are subject to availability.

To take advantage of the USPA Bridge to High Goal Initiative please contact USPA Tournament Coordinator Kaila Dowd at



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