Lucas Diaz Alberdi shoots at goal from a distance February 10, 2019
Pilot's Lucas James on a breakaway to goal February 6, 2019
Fourth chukker goal for Patagones' Santiago Toccalino February 6, 2019
Iconica's Peke Gonzalez on a run to goal February 3, 2019
Iconica's Sebastian Merlos picks up his second consecutive goal February 3, 2019
Pilot works together to set up Facundo Pieres January 31, 2019
Facundo Pieres makes a goal on Best Playing Pony Open Kattia January 31, 2019
Lucas Diaz Alberdi finishes strong Dutta Corp play January 31, 2019
Patagones' Tomas Garcia del Rio goal cuts ball to the inside of goal January 31, 2019
Santiago Toccalino's goal in the second chukker January 31, 2019
Iconica's Peke Gonzalez fires a swift neckshot January 20, 2019
Coca-Cola's Sugar Erskine on a run to goal January 20, 2019
Matias Gonzalez receives a pass to score for Pilot January 19, 2019
Tonkawa's Sapo Caset runs to goal January 19, 2019
Dutta Corp's Gringo Colombres makes an incredible goal January 19, 2019




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