Green Country Polo Club

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Green Country Polo Club

20600 S Sheridan Rd Mounds, OK 74047 View Map
(918) 202-4799

Established in 2016, Green Country Polo Club is located in Mounds, Oklahoma, in the open fields near Bixby, on the Southern side of the Tulsa metroplex. Home to two regulation-sized fields, Green Country Polo Club is an ideal place to host your next match, tournament, or even just a practice. In addition, Green Country Polo Club has over 10 acres of grazing paddocks. If you have an opponent in mind and need a place to meet, or you want a challenger to test your team’s mettle against new competition, contact Green Country Polo Club. Why limit yourself to one coast or the other when you can meet in the middle.

Northeastern Oklahoma is a haven for horse culture, and not just for cowboys and ranchers. Tulsa has a rich history of appreciating finer things and is well suited to accommodate your work and play. Watching a polo match is the perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon with the family or host your next event at Green Country Polo Club. Play or practice open-field sports or use the venue for your next large gathering. Whether you are looking for a weekend outing for your family to enjoy the outdoors, or find out what polo is all about, be sure to bring your camping chairs and even a tent. As a tailgater you get to experience polo from the sidelines with your own cooler, comfy chair and family. Green Country Polo Club offers clinics that are open to the public. If you feel like you want to give it a go you can sit on Woody, the club’s wooden horse. This will give you a chance to take a swing at the ball just to test your balance and get used to the horse’s height. Contact Green Country Polo Club today to schedule your next polo experience.

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