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Umpires LLC Executive Director

Reports to: Chairman of Umpires LLC Advisory Committee; USPA Chief Operating Officer

The USPA Umpires LLC Executive Director is required to provide leadership, negotiation, and problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to manage professional staff and work with Association volunteers to improve and enhance the productivity and effectiveness of the Umpires LLC as it relates to the mission statement and other policies and directives issued by the Umpires LLC Advisory Committee. In addition, the Executive Director acts as the Umpires LLC Regional Umpire Coordinator for his/her home location. The qualifications, duties, and requirements of the position are outlined below.


  • Must have BA or BS degree; or the equivalent in vocational education or continuing education; or significant workplace experience in a management role.
  • Must have significant positive workplace experience leading a team or multiple teams.
  • Must have extensive knowledge of the game of polo and the polo ecosystem.
  • Must have extensive knowledge of USPA Outdoor and Arena Rules, Umpire Procedures, and USPA Tournament Conditions.
  • Must have solid working knowledge of USPA governing documents and policies.
  • Must be detail-oriented, respectful of others, forthright, and display humility. He/she must inspire trust and confidence in those he/she interacts with.
  • Must be an effective teacher and trainer; have excellent interpersonal skills, strong management and communication skills.
  • Must be able to prepare reports, evaluations, and summaries, and constructively critique the similar written work of others.
  • Must have basic computer knowledge in basic business management programs (Microsoft Word, Adobe, Excel, etc.).
  • Must be able to perform successfully in a high-pressure environment.
  • Must have the credibility and self-confidence to address difficult issues with the world’s most highly rated professional polo players and the world’s most successful and demanding polo playing sponsors.
  • Must possess the flexibility and poise to address difficult issues with amateur polo players and other non-professional polo stakeholders.
  • Must be able to assess officiating talent and predict the likely potential of Umpires and Umpire candidates.

Duties / Requirements:

  • Executive Director (ED) will be responsible for managing an LLC having an annual budget of approximately $4 million, having an administrative staff of 2-4 individuals, a corps of 30+ full-time Professional Umpires, a corps of 10-20 part-time paid Umpires, and a diffuse group of 100+ volunteer amateur Certified Umpires. Strong negotiation, organizational, communication, problem-solving and leadership skills are necessary.
  • ED position is a salaried, exempt, professional position that requires a full-time commitment. ED must be available to work (and working) during regular hours as dictated by ongoing business operations, at an expected minimum of 8 hours per day, 5 five days per week, which may include weekend days, notwithstanding any other personal obligations unless they qualify as emergencies. ED must be available to respond outside of these hours to any urgent inquiries from USPA board members, USPA Senior staff, members, or USPA Umpires. Experience and knowledge in open communications such as webinars, town hall meetings or video conferencing preferred.
  • ED is required to coordinate his/her activities and initiatives with the USPA Executive Director of Services, USPA COO, the Umpires LLC Advisory Committee, and the USPA Executive Committee, and take direction from the Chairman of Umpires LLC Advisory Committee, USPA COO, and those Committees.
  • ED must be in attendance, supporting and coaching his/her Umpires for all important polo games in his/her current location, his/her schedule permitting.
  • ED must use his/her communication skills to keep the USPA Executive Director of Services, USPA COO, the LLC Advisory Committee, the USPA Executive Committee, his/her direct reports, and the USPA Rules Committee Chairman informed of important issues as necessary.
  • ED must serve as a USPA Senior staff member of the Rules Committee, provide input to the Rules Committee, and coordinate with the Rules Committee on any issues concerning the interpretation of Rules and the standards of enforcement.
  • ED must make himself/herself available to participate in any USPA Board meetings, USPA Executive Committee meetings, USPA Senior staff meetings, or USPA committee meetings to which UED is invited as a participant or guest.
  • ED must actively participate in any AAP/HPA/USPA international rules meetings and monitor the evolution of HPA and AAP rules.
  • ED must respond promptly to electronic and telephonic communications from USPA Board Members, USPA Senior staff, USPA Members, and USPA Umpires.
  • ED must be or become proficient in the use of the Polo SK application.
  • ED must divide his/her time between Wellington, FL, and the Coachella Valley, in January through April of each year (housing at and transportation to non-home locations, if applicable, to be provided by USPA). ED will be expected to be personally present for the annual Umpires Boot Camp in the Coachella Valley during January; pre-Gauntlet of Polo® rules review in January with players in Wellington; minimum of one week in the Coachella Valley after pre-Gauntlet® rules review and before finals of C.V. Whitney; Wellington for the finals of C.V. Whitney Cup®; minimum of one week in the Coachella Valley after finals of C.V. Whitney Cup® and before finals of USPA Gold Cup®; Wellington for the finals of the USPA Gold Cup®; and Wellington for all of the U.S. Open Polo Championship®.
  • In 2023 (and beyond subject to approval by the USPA Umpires LLC Advisory Board), ED will be supported by the Umpires LLC Regional Umpire Coordinator whose base of operations and regional authority is on the coast opposite the one where ED has his/her base of operations.
  • ED must travel as needed in May through December of each year (with at least one trip each month) to monitor Umpire performance and Member Club satisfaction. UED must be personally present for the finals of the USPA Silver Cup® and selected other USPA National Events.


  • ED must not engage in any polo-related business activities that could distract from his/her focus on Umpires LLC or create the perception or fact of a conflict of interest.
  • ED may play polo as an amateur or unpaid professional, but not during January through April or during the remainder of the year if it interferes with his/her job duties.

Other Job Details:

  • ED position requires domestic and international travel.
  • ED position requires standing and/or sitting for prolonged periods of time.

Please email a cover letter and resume to Bev Basist at

Disclaimer: The preceding job description has been designed to indicate the general nature and essential duties and responsibilities of work performed by employees within this classification. It may not contain a comprehensive inventory of all duties, responsibilities, and qualifications required of employees to do this job.



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